Becoming an Empowered Parent

Who do you look to for support?

Oct 19, 2023

I remember one time hearing the comment that when you have something you want to achieve, look to those that have achieved that goal and follow the steps they followed to get there.  

That really stood out to me when thinking about you guys and your kids, with ‘extra’ ordinary needs.  

I had to learn to quit going to family members or neighbors or church friends for help with my particular situation.  Because those were people that had never been in my shoes.

Find those that have achieved the success you hope to achieve and then do what they did to get there! 

If you need help finding those people - New Hope is the right place for you!  We have so many families setting goals right now and achieving things they never thought possible. 

You will find ‘your’ people with us if you are looking to find peace in your home, connect on a deeper level with your child, and see your child accomplishing things you (and they) never thought possible.  

It won’t be easy, and won’t be perfect, and definitely will be messy, but it is SO worth it!