New Hope Academy

At New Hope Academy, we believe that every child deserves a chance to heal and thrive. That's why we're dedicated to empowering families with the tools and resources they need to navigate the challenges of raising a child with mental health struggles. From simplifying routines, to setting healthy boundaries, our mission is to help families build stronger connections and find peace in their homes. Let's work together to create a brighter future for our children.

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Who we are...

New Hope Academy is a private school set up specifically to meet the needs of kids that struggle with mental health issues. We are a safe haven for both kids and families to get the help that they need, without judgement and with experience we have learned over our 14 years as a program. 

Who we serve...

Children between the ages of 5 -12 who struggle with: Anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alchohol Syndrome, Autism, Depression, Conduct Disorder, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, Obsessive Compulsion Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. Also, any kids with complicated behaviors that have no diagnosis. 

What makes us unique...

With backgrounds in both Special Education and experience living with a child that struggles with complex behavior issues, we are able to see the struggle from both sides. Although we are a school, our program focuses on the entire family. Families can either learn and apply parts of our program from the daily emails of their child to their home life or they can reach out to us for help as well. 


Our Approach:

We focus on teaching boundaries, self-regulation, relational and basic school skills like: following instructions, asking for help appropriately, problem solving, handling correction and completing tasks independently even when it's a little outside of their window of tolerance.

Resources we love: 

  • Bruce Perry - What Happened to You: If you are wondering which book to start with, this is the one we would suggest! It is an easy read that gives an amazing explanation of the impact of trauma.
  • Bessel van der Kolk - The Body Keeps Score: This book is a deeper dive into trauma and research related to it. If you have read "What Happened to You" and want more, this would be a great next read.
  • Elizabeth A. Stanley - Widen the Window: This book gives awesome explanations of the impact stress has on our mental and physical health and suggestions of how to build your resiliency back up.
  • Nadine Burke Harris - The Deepest Well: Another clear description of how trauma impacts you physically and emotionally. This book also gives details of what your "ACE score" is and the implications that has on your life. 
  • Kim John Payne - Simplicity Parenting: This book is an amazing blueprint of steps to simplify your life from distractions, so you have room for connections!

"New Hope has given us so much peace of mind over the last 7 years. Knowing our daughter is safe, happy and being challenged at her level and in ways that help her develop the skills she needs to be successful. New Hope has been an incredible blessing for our family. The way they meet each child where they are and make adjustments to their day and school learning plan is like nothing anyone else is doing. They understand the brain in ways that have taught us how to better parent our daughter. We adore Kasey and LauraLee and their staff. It's obvious they love the kids. It's obvious they are doing their life's work and we are lucky enough to benefit from it”. 

"New Hope gave us tools to use to meet our needs! New Hope meets my child where she is at, hour by hour, minute by minute, because the needs change quickly. It gave us a community that I don't have to defend myself. And I know I can always reach out!”

"New Hope has given me the confidence to parent my children. I felt completely inadequate for what I was dealt. With the help of New Hope, I have grown alongside my kids. I know how to help regulate my kids and regulate myself. I've set boundaries for my kids and for myself. I've learned to help my children move past their mistakes and I'm giving myself grace for mine. We are not the same family anymore and I couldn't be more grateful”.

December Book Club

I just don't think there could be anything better than studying this book together in the month of December.  I have been studying it this month and feel like it has powerful parallels to our journey as parents with these tough but amazing kids. I have been blown away by his strategies.  I actually started it because of a new goal book I have been reading.  You know I love my goals!  It talked about Victor Frankl's amazing strategies he used in the concentration camps and what lessons he learned.  This piqued my curiosity.   I had always related to this book as a sad, hard to read book.  Because I was relating too much to the trauma.  But as I read it now and look for the strategies I am in awe.   It made me want to study it with YOU!  Parents in the trenches.  My book is all marked up. I will do a slide show each week of the stand out things for me and how I see them relate and what we can learn.  But this will just be the first part.  I want everyone to learn from each other.  I want to hear what you felt and saw.   Time can be flexible.  Sign up and we will pick a time that works for everyone! I am thinking 1 hour the first and second week of December on Zoom.   I only plan to cover about 90 pages of the book. Part one titled: Experiences In A Concentration Camp.   Why would I do this in December you might ask?  Because so many of us dread the holidays and look at what might be missing.  I think this will give us a unique look at not only suffering but also amazing perseverance and JOY in the face of that suffering and perseverance which I think we could all use. If you want to join but don't want to read?  Perfect!  No worries.  You will still leave the zoom so encouraged and uplifted.  What if we can't cover it all in 2 weeks?  I will add an extra hour the next week!  Sign up!  You won't regret it and the more there are the richer the experience for everyone.  

$25.00 USD

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