Becoming an Empowered Parent

New Hope Academy

Empowering parents with challenging kids to understand and use the best tools available and to thrive on their healing journey. 

As a parent do you feel:

  • exhausted
  • discouraged
  • at a loss
  • stressed

New Hope will empower you to be equipped with:

  • tools
  • support
  • hope
  • a plan for progress

What families have said about their New Hope experience...

"We have gained peace in our home. All because of what we have learned from New Hope. We now have support to get through anything and have been educated on how to help our children succeed. We have never seen these kinds of changes in our child and we are so excited to keep progressing"!

"New Hope gave us tools to use to meet our needs! New Hope meets my child where she is at, hour by hour, minute by minute, because her needs change that quickly. It gave us a community that I don't have to defend myself. And I know I can always reach out anytime for help!‚ÄĚ

"New Hope has given me the confidence to parent my children. I felt completely inadequate for what I was dealt. With the help of New Hope, I have grown alongside my kids. I've learned to give myself grace. We are not the same family anymore and I couldn't be more grateful‚ÄĚ.

How can New Hope uniquely support you:

  • We send daily emails about your child's school day.

  • Each child has an individualized plan with goals and data to track progress.

  • Although we are a school,¬†our plan is focused on helping the family as a whole.

  • We provide classes and coaching calls to help with home behaviors.

Resources we love: 

  • Bruce Perry - What Happened to You: If you are wondering which book to start with, this is the one we would suggest! It is an easy read that gives an amazing explanation of the impact of trauma.
  • Bessel van der Kolk - The Body Keeps Score: This book is a deeper dive into trauma and research related to it. If you have read "What Happened to You" and want more, this would be a great next read.
  • Elizabeth A. Stanley - Widen the Window: This book gives awesome¬†explanations of the impact¬†stress has on our mental and physical health¬†and suggestions of how to build your resiliency back up.
  • Nadine Burke Harris - The Deepest Well: Another clear description of how trauma¬†impacts you physically and emotionally. This book also¬†gives details of what your "ACE score" is and the implications that has on your life.¬†
  • Kim John Payne - Simplicity Parenting: This book is an amazing blueprint of steps to simplify your life from distractions, so you have room for connections!

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